Wandsbeker Chaussee / Sandkrug, 22089 Hamburg

53 ° 34' 1.71 North, 10 ° 2' 31.06 East; Wandsbeker Chaussee / Sandkrug, 22089 Hamburg

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Current Weather, Twilight and Water Level Data

Water Level / Tide Hamburg St. Pauli in cm LAT / PNP

moon illuminated

Latitude of location for this report:53.631948
Longitude of location for this report:10.005541
Local date of query:24 Nov 2020
Local time of query:18:45
Day length in hours:8:08
Civil twilight in hours:9:26
Nautical twilight in hours:10:54
Astronomical twilight in hours:12:18
Length of civil twilight in hours:0:38
Nautical twilight in hours:1:22
Astrological twilight in hours:2:04
Current specified local time zone:CET
Sun transites merian in local time:12:07
Sun rises in local time:08:04
Sun sets in local time:16:09
Start of civil twilight in local time:07:24
End of civil twilight in local time:16:50
Nautical twilight starts at local time:06:39
Nautical twilight ends at local time:17:34
Astronomical twilight starts at local time:05:57
Astronomical twilight ends at local time:18:16
Current lunar phase:waxing gibbous
Moon illuminated in percent:74.0
Moon is days old:9.7
Water level at St. Pauli in cm LAT: 49
Water level at St. Pauli in cm PNP: 359

Data collection by NOAA / Hamburg Airport and WSV / BMVBS

Report generated on Tuesday, 24-Nov-2020 18:45:02 CET

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BSH Gezeitenvorausberechnung Hamburg, St. Pauli
WSV Pegel Online Stammdaten Messstellennummer 5952050

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